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Our Services for Land Owners

Swift Project Management Limited is the consultancy of choice for delivering successful projects. Our team of experts can help you deliver your projects on time, within budget, and to the best quality. Whether you own land or are in the process of purchasing it, we can help you achieve your project goals and overcome any obstacles.

Preparation and Briefing

Our team at Swift Project Management Limited are dedicated to offering tailored services that meet the unique requirements of each project. At this stage, our services include establishing a project brief, creating a project execution plan, identifying project risks, programme and assessing site feasibility.

Design and Planning

We can procure architects on your behalf to ensure our clients get the best value for money and a suitable service. It addition we will procure site surveys and reports that are required for planning. We assist in collating the planning application with the design consultants. Our team review designs and materials to ensure the project is to our clients specification. Our team can provide budget estimates at various stages of the project. 


Taking into account each clients requirements, our Project Managers advise on the best procurement method to successfully execute their project. This will be discussed at detail but will affect the type of build contract, design process, risk and programme. 


In order to ensure your project is delivered within budget and for the best value for money, our team will competitively tender your projects. This means we collate a tender pack including Employers Requirements document for pricing, pre qualification questionnaires to vet the contractors and conduct tender interviews if required. We also produce construction contracts to ensure both parties are 'protected' and minimise disputes. Our Local Authority experience means you will receive a thorough, risk adverse service. 

On site delivery and close out

Once the project has started on site, our team will conduct site meetings and site inspections to assess the quality and programme. We will also undertake valuations to ensure our clients have only paid for what has been built at that stage. We will also snag, de snag and manage the entire handover process to ensure your project is fully compliant.

Construction Management

If our clients did not want to appoint a main contractor, we can provide a Construction Management service and manage the entire project with each subcontractor. This would give you a lot more control over quality and programme. 

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